Amia Miley 20 Year Old Cute Outfit White Cotton Panties and Kneesocks with Understanding It’s Your 1st Time In Front of a Girl JOI Fantasy Role Playing! Check out her Preview Video!


Video Runtime is 14:02 Minutes.

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20 Year Old Amia Miley Takes a Little Virgin ( That’s You ) Into her Room and teaches You How to Jerk off to Her for the Very 1st Time! “The important thing is to have control and do what I say but the key is to enjoy yourself but don’t cum to quick!” Tight White Cotton Panty Teasing with Kneesocks Too! Step By Step Instructions! “Oh it looks like you are getting a little woodie down there! Looks like I am doing my job!” Don’t Cum Yet! Make it Stop! “No you can’t touch yourself yet! Just sit there and watch! Hey don’t touch me!” Amia will Make you Feel Like It was Your 1st Time! Good Little Boy! “It’s going to be so fun having you jerk off in front of me!” Panty Pulling! “Your not allow to cum unless I tell you to! You are doing so good! I am impressed you lasted so long you deserve to cum now!” Amia Really Wants to Break You In! Hot and Sexy Amia Takes Your Proposition at a Hotel to Show You here Panties for $50 But she Turns it Back on You and Makes You Cum and Takes all Your Money in the Process! “Does this make you erupt in your pants for me! You look so good rubbing your cock!”


Amia’s home from school wearing her plaid skirt, white blouse, knee high socks and matching white cotton panties. She heard that you were a jerk off virgin and assures you that she will teach you everything you need to know. She gets you started with up skirt views of her tight white panties while your cock begins to stiffen. She tells you how important self control is and lets you know that it’s not good to erupt too soon. She will let you know when it’s time to place your hands on yourself so be patient and just watch her as she places her pussy right over your face. The anticipation of grabbing hold of your cock begins to build as she spreads her legs wide open. She gives you the okay to touch yourself and she demonstrates how it’s done. Nice and slow she says until it’s time to cum. She removes her blouse and lets you look at her nice round breasts first and then she removes her skirt next. In only her white knee socks and white cotton panties she continues to instruct you on what to do with your cock next. She can see that you are starting to lose control as she waives her pussy over your face some more and then finally she gives you the okay to bust your nut all over her little white panties.

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