Amia Miley Spandex Bodysuit Socks Red VS and Black Satin Thong Panties with Intense “I own you!” Mean Girl Power and Control Over You JOI Role Playing!


Video Runtime is 20:06 Minutes.

File Size: 716 MB

Sku#: 2109.2

Video is 480!


20 Year Old Amia Miley starts off with some Super Sexy Silent Treatment in a Black Tight Bodysuit Tormenting! Amia Just Knows How to Move On Video! Sock Views! “I’m I driving you crazy yet? You want to jump thru that screen and fuck me! That dick in your hand is mine! This pussy owns you! You will never get it and all you will do is jerk off to this video!” Amia Turns Shows Her Power and Takes Control Of You and Your Dick! “How does it feel to have a 19 year old girl own you? Control you! Powerless! Pretty funny! It’s about to get worse!” Titty Play Action! Real Life What to Do for Amia! Premature Cumming Teasing! “I know you are into panties! In your dreams! Just set there stair and fuck yourself! Fuck your own cock! Beat that little dick until you cum all over!” Intense Power Make You Cum Commands! “You better clean that up! Did you lick it up?” Virgin Talk! You Can’t Have This! “That’s where I want you my victim! It turns you on being my victim? Keep beating your meat!” I don’t Care About You! Slave Talk! “Come here my little bitch! My sex slave!” Lock Yourself in Your Room all Weekend Long and Beat Your Meat To Me! Screen Instructions! “You still alive? God I love fucking with you! You’re so easy! Imagine if you where in front of me! I would take all your cum and all your money!” Painful Real Life Instructions! “Your dick all fucked up? I hope I drive you crazy! Tell them Amia did it to you when they lock you up!” Non Stop Head Games! “Jerk your cock until it bleeds and then cum you sick fuck!” Amia Wants to Destroy You and Make You her Slave! “I know you are running out of cum! I want you to find a little drop and put it right here! Find it and it give it to me! Scream my name!”


Amia is doing an intense work out, stretching every inch of her perfect body while wearing a skin tight spandex bodystocking. She feeds you the silent treatment as she moves from the floor to the top of the kitchen counter teasing you with seductive eye contact knowing just what you want. Finally she opens her mouth and what she has to say to you is more than you can take as she talks about fucking you with her tight little pussy. The bodystocking comes off and in only her sexy red panties and matching red socks she continues to feed you with more filthy fuck talk as she baits your cock with her panty covered mound. She instructs you to grab a drink, lock your door and prepare to spend the entire weekend in your room with her Video and your cock in hand. She owns your cock as she moves around the room tugging and pulling her panties hard against her pussy showing you right where to land your load. Her intense breathing and sexy moans are all you can think about as she begs for you to cum all over her sexy body. She loves what she does to you when she throws her pussy in your face. She loves the effect she has on you and she thanks you for spilling yourself all over her. Next she changes into another pair of panties and takes control of your cock and everything in it one more time before setting you loose.

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