Erica Campbell Sexual Therapy JOI NURSE Role Playing White Wolford Seamless Pantyhose! “I am ready for that ejection!”


Video Runtime is 10:51 Minutes.

File Size: 476 MB

Sku#: 1756.4

Video is 480!


Super Sexy Erica Campbell is laying out Ready to Playtime Doctor with you in her Nurse Dress Ready Slides and White Wolford Seamless Pantyhose! “I can be your nurse and take care of you! I know whats wrong with you and you need some sexual healing! I am nurse Erica and I am going to take good care of you!” Hot Views of her Legs in White Nylons! “You like looking at these sexy white pantyhose! I think we have some temperatures raising!” Body Rubbing! “I am getting wet already! Are you getting wet? I bet you are starting to feel a little pressure building up!” Up Dress Teasing Views! Slow and Sexy Teasing! “Maybe visual therapy! Is that pounding getting harder?” Strip Teasing! Extreme Close Up Views! “Put your hands down your pants and start to rub yourself!” Step by Step JOI Instructions! “Would you like me to give you a sexual work out with my feet? I bet I have something tight and wet for you!” Pantyhose Foot Teasing! “I will show you mine if you show me yours!” Sexy JOI Nurse Role Playing Head Games! “That’s a good boy you are feeling better now!” Pantyhose Talk! “Do they look ok for you? You are making my nipples hard! Just imagine you touching me!” Alone POV Exploratory Views! Big Titty Playing! Over Hose Pussy Rubbing! Nylon Foot Job Role Playing! “Does that make you feel better? I think its about time! You going to cum for me now? You can let go now! I am ready for that ejection! I bet your hands are all wet now!” Sexy Thrusting Moves! Stripped to Naked! Live Sound! Full Nudity! “I hope nurse Erica took good care of her patient!” Erica Campbell!

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