Holly Taylor 3 Pairs of Panties and Kneesocks with Naughty Girl JOI! “I love that you do what I say! Make them all wet for me! Jerk it! JOI forever!”


Video Runtime is 20:37 Minutes.

File Size: 822 MB

Sku#: 2187.3

Video is 480!


Tanned and Toned Blond Flirt Holly Taylor is Up! Looks Cute and Sexy in Her Pink Cotton Calvin Klein 80’s Panties with White Ribbed Knee socks On! “I know you like these little panties! I am going to make you beat off! I’m a bad little S******!” Lots of Tight Up Views of her Tanned Panty Crotch Mound! “Jerk that fucking dick off for me!” Knee High Sock Teasing! “I am going be your little S*******! I am going to be your Brittney Spears Fantasy! I want you to beat off to these little panties! Blow your load right here for me!” The Mother of all Panty Band Snapping Video! Loves to Snap the Band for You! Little Perv Head Games! Talks about how she Looks Better then Ms. Spears! “Jerk off to my pretty feet! Blow your load on my fucking feet!” Juicy Pussy Spreads with Panties On! Grind Panty Crotch in Your Face! “Good fucking boy! You messed up my panties now I need to put on another!” Intense JOI Hand Pumping! Super Super Tight Green Micro fiber Boy Short Panties! “I’m a naughty girl so jerk it to these panties! Right on my ass harder and harder! “It’s my turn! You want a tour of my panties? Guess who is your cam girl! I bet my pussy is a lot better than Brittany Spears! Don’t cum yet because I am not done yet!” Camel Toe Views! “I love that you do what I say! Make them all wet for me! Jerk it! J/O forever! I love your little panty fetish! So hot!” Panty Squatting Views! “See bitch I own you! You came for my panties and you will do it again!” Next Holly Pulls on a Pair of Yellow and Black Cotton Bikini Panties! “You have the right to be quite it and jerk it! Do you want to see inside my panties? I don’t think you can handle it!” Lots of Tight Front and Back Panty Pulling! “Keep jerking it night and day!” OH MY God one of the Best Panty Videos to Date! Don’t Miss This Dick Tease on Your Screen!!!

Holly Taylor is your Brittany Spears look alike with a very dirty girl demeanor. She uses her girly pig tails and sweet girlie voice to reel you in as she seduces you in her sexy white halter top, skin tight pink panties and white knee high socks. She knows how much you love her big beefy labia tightly wrapped in her panty and she teases you with over your face pussy play as she fills you head with hot cock talk and lots of j/o encouragement. She moves to the floor to flex and stretch her tight body just inches from your face and then controls you with juicy pink pussy spreads before peeling away the pink panty and sliding into a tight green boy short panty that will have you kissing the ground she walks on. Direct eye contact is what Holly gives you first as she directs your attention down to her big beefy camel toe. In your face titty teasing will have you ready to blow another load forcing her to change into a sexy yellow checkered panty that will last longer on her body than that final explosion in your hand. Holly’s tight tan round ass is perfect for any panty loving pervert looking to meet his match. It doesn’t get any better than this and Holly knows that.

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