Keira Kelly 20 Year Old Teal Super Tight Spandex Catsuit and Socks with Power Over You JOI Role Playing!


Video Runtime is 10:15 Minutes.

File Size: 394MB

Sku#: 2198.2

Video is 480!


20 Year Old College Student Dream Doll Keira Kelly is in a Skin Tight Fluorescent Blue Unitard in White Ankle Socks! “So do you have a little thing for spandex? You see all my curves in it! My outline of my little pussy! Fuck yourself really good for me! I am here to make you cum! Beat it hard for me!” Keira Loves to Tease and she Pulls Tighter and Tighter on her Spandex! “Just look at me and jerk your cock!” From the Floor Power Views! “Keep beating off for me! You know that’s what I like to see a big load! That was good!” Lots of Spandex Talk! “Did somebody tease you in spandex when you were a kid? Just keep stroking it and thinking about me!” Alone POV! Love Doll Instructions! Sock Teasing Views! “I put them on just to get you horny!” Acknowledgments of You Blowing! “I can be your little spandex doll every day and you can jerk it!” Screen Instructions! “You give me your cum whenever I ask for it!” Imagine What it’s Like Head Games! “If you see me on campus you’re going to run home and jerk off your little cock! That’s all you get to do!”

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