Keira Kelly Super Nude Glossy Danskin and Blue Ribbed Tights Leotard and Socks with 80’s Style JOI Instructional Video!


Video Runtime is 15:12 Minutes.

File Size: 661MB

Sku#: 2193.3

Video is 480!


Your 20 Year Old JOI Instructor Keira is Dressed in a Spandex White Thong Leotard and Super Shiny Nude Danskin Tights with White 80’s Socks! “Keep up with my work out! You old guys can’t keep up with a young girl like me but you can try! Do I remind you of the 80’s! Start jerking off to me!” Complete Instructions! “All you get to do is beat off to me!” Cum too Quick Laughing! “You are going to need to be trained more! You need more control!” The Shiniest Tights Ever! “I am going to do something that will make you cum but you can not!” Don’t Cum Yet Instructions! “I am so impressed you have held it in! Now think about it all day as you jerk your cock!” Don’t Touch! “I am here to get you to jack off and get some control! Now give me what I want!” Point and Cum Commands! “Can you handle some more pantyhose! Hold that load until I get into them!” Tight Ribbed Blue Tights! “You want to touch them? That’s not allowed! Imagine being right here touching it!” Non Stop Sexy Moves from this Turned on Cum Taker! “Now just jerk your cock! This is what all your training is for! A big load for my pussy!”

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