Kirsten Price Skilled Vixen Black Glossy Seamless Pantyhose with Power/Control You Will Never Fuck Me JOI Role Playing! “I want you to fuck your hand until its raw!” This Woman Means What She Says!!!


Video Runtime is 15:10 Minutes.

File Size: 609 MB

Sku#: 2178.2

Video is 480!


Kirsten Price is Waiting for You Wearing a Sexy Dress and Shiny Black Seamless Pantyhose! Never Going to Fuck Me Head Games! “Stroke your cock! Pretend what it’s like to fuck me! Why don’t you fuck yourself and cum! You are never going to stop!” Demanding Instructions! “It’s so easy to take advantage of you! That’s what I want to do! Make you get off! Yeah I own you! Are you in love with me? Too bad for you fucker! Beat your little dick!” Down to Nothing But Pantyhose and Sexy Heels! Hot Views of her Perfectly Trimmed Bush in Seamless Hose! ‘You want to see the power I have over you? Come up to that screen and cum on my ass! See!” Alone POV! Nylon Foot Fetish Teasing! “I bet you want to put your cum all over these feet? I want you to cum all over these feet! Right now! Yeah!” Extreme Close Ups! “I want you to lock yourself in your room all weekend! I want you to sit in that room with nothing but my videos! I want you to fuck your hand until its raw! Do that for me baby?” Kirsten Wants to Own You! “Just cum for me all weekend long! So did I get you? Yeah I totally have you!” Sexy Thrusting Grinding Moves! “Make you my little bitch!” Screen Instructions! “Just a little drop? Did I completely drain your balls? Good! You are so my bitch! I love it!” Never Stop! “I guess I’m taking out all my frustrations on you because of the men in my life! Drive you crazy!” Power from Above! “Worship this goddess! Fuck yourself until you go insane! Explode all over this pussy! Do it!” Naked Body Views!

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