Nicole Aniston Hooters Shorts Socks Nude Glossy Seamless and White Glossy Pantyhose with Power/Control Over You Hooters Girl JOI Role Playing! “You want to get in these orange shorts! Too bad you can’t! All I want is your money and cum!”


Video Runtime is 18:37 Minutes.

File Size: 663 MB

Sku#: 2190.2

Video is 480!


Meet the Sexiest Hooters Girl Ever Nicole Aniston with Hooters JOI Role Playing! “You know why I like working at Hooters? Because they have the sexiest uniform! I know what you are thinking about when you go home with a boner!” Super Tight Orange Shorts Views! “I take all your money and you go home and do this! It’s so funny! You can’t help it!” Shiny Nude Seamless Hose! “I love taking advantage of you! I bet you have already cum to me!” Talks about How she Teases the Guys at the Restaurant! “You want to see the power I have over you! Cum right here! Jack off for me! Cum on my little tight shorts! Yes!” Black 80’s Sock Teasing! “You get a hard on over my socks! If you want I will sell them to you next time you come in! You can go home and fuck my socks! Only if you pay!” Pantyhose Feet Teasing! Boner Teasing Head Games! “You want to get in these orange shorts! Too bad you can’t! All I want is your money and cum!” Sexy Thrusting Fucking Moves! “I have you trained like a little puppet! You just cum whenever I tell you!” Pantyhose Pussy Camel Toe Views! “Do you think it would hurt if you jacked off with hot sauce? Just start jacking off that little dick for me! Cum right here! That’s right! You are easy and predictable!” Point and Cum! “Go home and jack off! I know your secret! I am sexy and young!” Loves to Talk Down to You! “You want to buy them! Smell them and wrap them around your cock and I won’t tell my manager!” Your Tormenting Continues as she Puts on a Super Shiny White Pair of Tights! “Start jacking off to me again! You’re pretty good at jacking off! Are you a virgin? You just fuck your hand and that’s it! You love your hand!” Lots of Hot and Sexy Moves By this JOI Killer! “It’s sweet that you are easily influenced!” Lots and Lots of Cum Commands! “All you are good for is jacking off and cumming! How sweet!”

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