Nicole Aniston Wonder Women “I own & Control You!” JOI Role Playing Spandex Leotard & Seamless Shiny Pantyhose! “That’s the power I have! 5 seconds in and you pop! You can’t control yourself!”


Video Runtime is 15:26 Minutes.

File Size: 567 MB

Sku#: 2152.2

Video is 480!


Nicole is In Control of You! “This is the body that makes you beg! Cry and whimper! You worship this body!” Tight Wonder women Leotard with Shiny Bronze Seamless Pantyhose On! “The power I have over you! If you were here you would be popping a boner! You wouldn’t know what to say!” Nicole Owns You! “You addicted? This body! I am like your sick drug! I force you to do this! You love doing this! That’s your favorite thing in the world! You can’t stop!” Spandex Covered Ass and Pussy Views! “That’s the power I have! 5 seconds in and you pop! You can’t control yourself!” Your Goddess Wants Lots of Tributes! “That’s what makes you a victim! I am a predator! I make you do that so quickly!” Never Going to Touch Me! “Blow it on your screen! Now get up to your screen and lick up your nasty mess! I own you and you do what I say!” Nicole Knows You’re Helpless! Real Life What to Do for Nicole Commands! “Beat that dick! It’s my dick! You are part of my collection! Men with little dicks and masturbate way too much!” Laughing at You! “You are just a collector’s item! I should have a picture of you so I can have a wall of masturbators!” Mail Her Pictures of You Cumming for her to Prove to Nicole You Devotion! “Buy me stuff or send me money and pictures of yourself!” Love Doll Dress up Instructions! “Really pound that dick now! Go to town! Give me what I want to see! Cum on me! Harder! See how quick I can make you pop! You are so predictable!” Little Dick Teasing! Hot Grinding Moves! Count Down to Cum! “Hurry you better get it out of there! Yeap! You are hooked! I have totally got you! You are drained! You are just a useless mass lying on the floor! Exhausted from jack off to me! That’s what I want! Drive you crazy!”

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