Nicole Ray 19 Year Old Spandex Unitard Kneesocks Pink and Yellow Satin Panties with Bratty Mean Girl I Control You JOI!


Video Runtime is 25:12 Minutes.

File Size: 869 MB

Sku#: 2056.2

Video is 480!


Voyeur Stretching Peaks! Tight Spandex leotard Outfit! Camel Toe Views! “You’re watching a teenage girl stretching? What’s wrong with you? What’s that a boner? How dare you? I have to admit it turns me on!” Real Life Head Games! Panty Talk! Nicole Demonstrates How she Would Give You a Beat Down if You Were Here! “A little 19 year old girl pinned you!” Control Games! “I will control every part of your life! You can’t stop thinking about me!” BJ Fantasy Role Play! Little Boy & Dick Talk! Premature Cumming! “Don’t you know how to stop before you cum?” Dress My Love Doll Instructions! “I’m going to make you cum in my panties! Rub that cock! That was fast!” Point and Cum! “Run outside buck naked and bust a load! Tell everybody Nicole made you cum!”

Nicole is stretching every tasty inch of her tone little body in a skintight pink spandex one piece and matching knee high socks. Oh god spandex never looked so good! The camel toe alone was enough to get your cock hard and then you got caught. You got busted spying on this teenaged girl and she is taking matters into her own hands. She wrestles you to the ground and sits on top of you for a while threatening to suck your cock but then laughs in your face at the thought of it. Here comes another head game as she role plays giving you head and forgives you for cumming all over her. She takes off her dirty spandex one piece and sits before you in a pair of tight pink panties. Playing with herself over her panties is more than you can handle on your own so she assists you once again with another hand job. She just might like stroking your cock more than you do and she does it again in another pair of tight yellow panties before saying goodbye.

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