Odette Delacroix Red & Blue Tights with Fashion Show JOI Role Playing! “I know it wasn’t your plan to get addicted to me!”


Video Runtime is 14:22 Minutes.

File Size: 168 MB

Sku#: 2184.5

Video is 480!Fash


JOI Tights Fashion Show by Odette! “I am going to give you a beat off fashion show Odette style! Would you like to attend? You have no choice!” Pantyhose Pulling! Cute Red Nylon Tights! “I wonder what you are thinking about? I am thinking about you! Imagine you beating off to me all alone!” Extreme Close Ups! Odette Will Make You Feel Like She is Right in front of You! “Keep beating your meat! You are good at that! You have had lots of practice!” Up Shot Views! Odette Gives you Lots of Targets to Hit! “So why don’t you cum all over my red tights right here! I love it!” Next Up she is Dressed in Light Blue Nylon Tights! “How long did it take you to get through my video of me in red tights? I don’t care! I found these blue tights I have been dying to show off to you!” No View of Her Body Encased in Nylon Missed! “So which tights look better? I want you to start jerking yourself harder!” Biggest Fan Head Games! “Why don’t you pay tribute to these blue tights? Come on cum right there! Build it up and explode! Good boy, I like it when you do what you are told!” Addiction Teasing! “I know how your mind works! I sometimes feel bad! I know it wasn’t your plan to get addicted to me!” This Little Jack Off Angel Keeps Getting More and More Addicted to Making You Hers Forever!”

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