Odette Delacroix Super Tight Purple SPEEDO One Piece Swimsuit and Socks with She Gets into Your Head with her Mind Controlling Head Games JOI Role Playing! Check Out her Free Preview Video!


Video Runtime is 11:50 Minutes.

File Size: 492MB

Sku#: 2218.3

Video is 480!


Your Little JOI Devil Odette Delacroix is wearing Super Tight Purple Speedo with Matching Nylon Ankle Socks! She Ups Her Intensity as She Knows she is In Charge of Your Life! Hot Hard Fucking Thrusting Moves! Her Eyes and Facial Expressions Tell the Story! You are Beating and she Knows It! “Watching me like some dumb idiot! All you want to do is jerk off like some monkey! Seriously don’t you know anything about self-control? Learn to control your own body! Jerk yourself off fast! You will never be normal now and you will never have me!” Odette Wants You all to Herself! “How much time of yours do I steal every day? I am your ruler and cum goddess! Maybe I will ruin your life!” Hard Cock Talk! How Many Loads do I take? Non-Stop Head Games! Alone POV Swimsuit Teasing! JOI Hand Signs! “I have complete control over you and you like it! You like being nothing to me! How hard are you stroking yourself right now? Maybe you should double the speed or I will move onto another!” Real Life What to Do for Odette Instructions! “Jerk your meat super hard!” Nylon Foot Teasing Views! “Whenever your hand is full of cock that’s what I want you to do! You don’t want to let me down now buddy! Now show me what you got!” Live Sound! Non Stop Tight One Piece Swimsuit Teasing! ONE OF OUR BEST SWIMSUIT JOI VIDEOS YET! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

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