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Shyla Jennings is our newest addition to the Playtime family, and this raven haired beauty is going to blow your head to pieces!! Her giggly sweet demeanor turns naughty really quick as she models her sexy brown pantyhose under her animal print dress. She lets her hair down and the show begins as she hikes her dress up and wets her little g-spot. She wants you to get your cock out and grab it really hard. The way she licks and bites on her big plump lips while talking dirty to you will drive you crazy. She takes her dress off to show you her perfect little body and in only her pantyhose she smashes her big beefy labia right up in your face. In her young sexy voice she guides your jerk off session right down to the very last drop while she strips away the pantyhose and spreads her pussy wide open for you. Shyla is doing back bends and leg stretches in a tight orange leotard with nude colored pantyhose and matching knee high tube socks, when she catches you spying on her. She agrees not to tell anybody if you let her see your cock. She calls you her little jack off boy and tells you she wants you to make it last for her. She is so cute and playful with her pig tails and bubbly personality. She strips away her leotard and in only her pantyhose and knee high socks she rolls around the couch for a while showing you her tasty little mound. She acknowledges your boner getting bigger and bigger and begs you to hold it in for her. She strips away the knee socks and in only her pantyhose she finishes you off with sexy moans and specific jerk off commands that will have you begging for her permission to cum. She notices that you couldn’t hold it and tells you to lick it up and she will make you cum again. Lying back on the couch she pulls her hose so tight while you sit between her legs and stoke your cock again. Finally she gives you permission to cum again as she counts down to 5 and shows you right where to land you load. Shyla is wearing a sexy black dress with matching black pantyhose and she is ready to get really naughty in her bedroom for you. She stands over the top of you telling you how much you want her as she rolls her pussy around and around over your face. She lets you know that you can’t have it as she bends over the bed and lets you look at it from behind. She reminds you who’s in control as she climbs up onto the bed and backs that meaty pussy into her pantyhose while she thrusts up and down. She tells you to stroke that cock nice and hard for her as she does a slow strip tease down to her sexy black pantyhose. She instructs you to get down by her feet and squirt up between her legs and then tells you to get it up again. Its time for another round as she rolls around the bed letting you look at everything you wish you could have before she rolls away her pantyhose and takes you in for a naked naughty good bye. Your girlfriend just got home from dance class and she is so happy to see you. She is wearing those skin tight shorts that you love so much with nude colored pantyhose and fishnet top and socks. She wants you to take your time and really watch her as you stroke your cock. She pulls her shorts up so tight in between her pantyhose covered lips and asks you how you like it. Then she grabs a hold or your cock and offers to stroke it for you for a bit before leaving you back on your own. She does a slow strip tease down to only her sexy shiny pantyhose and begins to tug and pull them so tight against her little mound that you bust all over them. Lucky for you she has another pair of pantyhose that she is willing to wear for you. She slides on a grey pair and takes the camera for some up close personal fun before leading you into your last load and taking it off all over again. Live Sound. Full Nudity.

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